Best Dry Dog Food Of 2019 Complete Reviews

If you are the owner of a dog, then we can almost guarantee that you have found a friend for life. We often treat our dogs better than we do our friends and family. There are arguments which could be made about that on both sides, but no matter how special your dog is to you, one thing is sure – you want to give them the best food possible.

The best food means a healthier life, a longer life, and a better life. Here are some of the best dry dog foods on the market.

best dry dog food

​Best Dry Dog Food Reviews

​1.Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Salmon

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Salmon

We love smoked salmon. So does your dog. If you want to give your dog a real treat, then this smoked salmon-infused dry dog food is just the thing. Not only is salmon a delicious ingredient, and the number one ingredient in this dog food, but it is an ingredient packed full of oils and nutrients. The amino acids and proteins are great for lean, strong muscles and a shiny, radiant coat.

This dog food comes backed with fruit and vegetables, vitamins and nutrients. There are superfoods, antioxidants, and fatty acids for health inside and outsides. Your dog will find it easy to digest this food, and you will notice the effects in how they look.

There is absolutely no grain in this food. No filler means that this food is easy for your dog to digest. You also have no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This for is rich in nutrients and probiotics.

This dog food is great for adult dogs of all breeds and is made in the US by a family-run business.


  • ​Grain free
  • Promotes shiny coat
  • ​Salmon – No. 1 ingredient
  • Strengthens joints


  • ​Not all dogs like the smoked salmon flavor

​2. Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food

You get a 35 lb. bag of dog food for a very reasonable price. Purina has created a bag of dog food which is full of nutrition, and at the same time, packed with the taste and flavors that your dog will love. Chicken is the No. 1 ingredient – real deboned and shredded chicken. Purina has also mixed two types of dry dog food. You have the crunchy kibble for texture and tender, meaty pieces for taste. The result is a dog food which your pet will come back to time and time again.

This chicken and rice blend dry dog food is packed with everything your dog needs to develop their immune system. The antioxidants help to nourish while the DHA will aid in brain and visual development.

Purina has been crafting dog food for over 85 years. A lot of research has brought them to this point. They have a great track record of being the supplier for championship dogs all around the world. When you buy a bag of this dog food, you are promoting total health for your dog. Great for dogs who are active.


  • ​Affordable
  • ​Live probiotics
  • ​Chicken – No. 1 product


  • ​Bag is difficult to seal

​3.Taste of the Wild High-Protein Prairie

Taste of the Wild High-Protein Prairie

When you think of the prairies, you immediately think of bison. That is exactly what you get with this dog food. Roasted bison is the No. 1 ingredient in this dog food. This type of red meat is exactly what your dog needs; it is rich in the nutrients and protein they need for an active lifestyle, and the meat helps to promote healthy muscles in your dog. Bison is a great alternative to beef, offering your dog a leaner red meat without taking away from anything they need to grow and develop.

Lots of protein is mixed with a balance of fruits and vegetables to deliver to your dog all they need, including antioxidants and fatty acids. With this dog food, your dog will feel their joints move more easily, and their coat will be shinier and more luxurious.

The meat, and other ingredients, in this dog food, come from trusted and sustainable sources; there are no fillers here. There are no grains used to make this dog food cheap and more profitable. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It is high in nutrients and probiotics. Unlike other dog foods, your dog will have no problem digesting this food. It has been specially designed to be easy on their stomachs while giving them all they need for a long and happy life.

 This dog food is made in the US by a family-owned and run business.


  • ​Grain free
  • ​Roasted bison – No.1 ingredient
  • ​Promotes shiny coat
  • Strengthens joints


  • ​Quite expensive

Final Verdict

All three of these dog foods will give your dog a balanced and healthy meal. They have all been designed with your dog in mind. All three provide nutrients, vitamins, and probiotics. They will aid your dog’s development, make their coat shinier, and strengthen their joints and muscles. It is a shame that we have to choose only one, but that is exactly what we did. We recommend the Purina dry dog food.

Not only is this an affordable choice for your dog but it is also a brand which is backed by dog owners around the world. Championship dogs from all continents have used Purina as their main food source. For over 85 years, Purina has been supplying champions. Combine that with their focus on scientific research, and you have a dog food which will improve the life of your dog.

We like that there is a particular focus on the development of your dog’s brain and vision. You want your dog to look like a good dog but, more importantly, you want them to be a good dog. If your dog can be its best in the inside, then that is what matters most. Purina will give your dog all of that and more.

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