Best Dog Food with Grain Of 2019 Complete Reviews

Is your dog among the lucky few that can digest a whole-grain meal with ease? If so we’ve put together some recommendations of the best dog food with grain available. Not only do our examples contain grain but they’re packed with the essential nutrients required for your dog’s growth.

But how do you know which one to choose? Health tip: If you can find a formula made with minimal artificial colors and preservatives, the better.

 Below we’ll discuss the best dog food with grain that’ll meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

Best Dog Food with Grain Reviews

Instinct Be Natural Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety Formerly Prairie by Nature's Variety

Need an all organic meal for your dog? This is one of the best natural dog foods on the market manufactured by Prairie. The food is made using a combination of simple but natural ingredients to provide your dog with wholesome nourishment.

The main ingredient used in all Prairie recipes is real meat such as beef from the US. The meat is then paired with a combination of hearty whole grains as well as real vegetables and fruits. Because only real products are used, your dog is guaranteed a balanced and holistic diet.

It now comes in new packaging known as Instinct Be Natural. However the contents are still made according to the same recipes commonly used in all Prairie products.

You have the option of choosing either the beef or turkey meal depending on your dog’s taste preferences. The meals also include brown rice which is a healthier option than its white counterpart.

Other vegetables and fruits used include cranberries, carrots and apples. They provide all the necessary nutrients and vitamins essential for a healthy dog.

Note that feeding amounts vary depending on the age and weight of your dog. Your dog’s level of activity also determines how much it must eat. Nursing dogs will require up to three times the amount of normal feed. For an informative nutrition guideline have a look at the feeding information provided on the website.

 Also, it’s important to transition to Prairie carefully by mixing it with your current dog’s meal. This transitioning can be done over five to seven days.


  • ​Firms stool
  • ​Improves dog’s coat
  • ​High protein diet
  • Ideal for picky eaters


  • ​Contains artificial preservatives
  • ​Isn’t resealable
Wells Pet Food Natural Dog Food

Here we have dog food designed for the upkeep of the active adult dog. It contains high-quality protein in the form of chicken and whitefish meal. These aid in building and maintaining your dog’s lean muscle mass because they contain L-Carnitine which helps in converting body fat into muscle.

The recipes are formulated using fully cooked whole-food ingredients such as oatmeal, barley and brown rice. The foods contain fiber which makes it easier for the dog to digest. As a result your dog will enjoy a healthy intestinal tract.

It also includes ingredients which contain calcium and phosphorus to help build your dog’s teeth and bones. Vegetables are also included in the formula and they’re rich in beta carotene which is crucial for a healthy immune system.

For your safety concerns note that the food is prepared in the brand’s family owned kitchens in the US. The environment-conscious person will appreciate that the packaging of the food is BPA free and recyclable.

The bag is resealable to keep the contents secured inside; however, some packages might arrive with the zip closure missing. This is rather inconvenient as this closure helps keeps the contents from spilling if it should fall over.

If your dog eats this food you’ll notice an improvement in its skin and coat. This is thanks to the presence of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids available in a balanced ratio.

 Our major concern with this brand is some customers have reported receiving the package ¾ full. It would be great if all bags were filled to the brim considering the cost of the product.


  • ​Improves dog’s weight
  • ​Encourages healthy teeth
  • ​Available in various flavors


  • ​Zip closure missing on bag
Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

This is one of the best premium dog foods rich in nutrients for the adult dog. If you want your dog on a high-protein diet you’ll like this perfect blend of quality protein foods.

The individual recipes are uniquely made to include real ingredients that you can recognize. You won’t find any chicken by-product in this food. Also it’s free from corn, wheat and soy making it a healthier option.

The products used are 100% organic and free from artificial flavors and colors. No preservatives are added in the formula making it a healthy option. Also you’ll like that the formulas are made using non-genetically modified ingredients.

The No. 1 ingredient in this dry dog food is chicken; however, you also have the option of selecting either lamb or salmon. Salmon is rich in amino acids which are essential for strong muscles. The same nutrients are necessary for a healthy skin and coat.

Regardless of your dog’s age or breed Nutro Ultra has a recipe to suit your dog’s specific needs. You’ll even notice an energy boost if you feed it to elderly dogs. You also have the option of choosing between wet and dry foods, and they’re equally nutritious. Apart from the high nutritional value, the meal in no way compromises on taste as it’s fully flavored.


  • ​No genetically modified ingredients used
  • ​Free from preservatives
  • ​Highly nutritious


  • ​May cause itching
  • ​Shedding  might occur

Final Verdict 

After taking the above reviews into consideration which one will you choose for your dog? The dry dog food from the Nutro Adult brand is our favorite. Apart from using ingredients that are not genetically modified, it also contains no artificial flavors. As stated, this is extremely important.

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